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1. Tax Filing
- Salary Witholding Tax (PND1)
- Annual Personal Income Tax (PND 91)
-VAT (Phor Phor 30)
-Witholding Tax (PND 53)

An entity in Thailand whether foreign-owned majority or not must submit monthly salary tax (PND1), Value Added Tax Returns (Phor Phor 30) for companies who VAT-registered and withholding tax as applicable (i.e. office rental).

The standard fiscal year starts from January to December. On June, the company needs to submit a half-year financial audit report and at the end of the year, submit the annual financial audit and corporate income tax.
2. Office Visit for monthly accounting

3. Payroll Processing

4. Thailand Annual Audit

5. Balance Sheet

6. Social Security Fund

When the company at least hired one employee, it is oblige to register in the Social Security System and pay the monthly contribution on or before the 15th of the following month.

Accounting Service: FAQ
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