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Family: FAQ

Marriage Registration
1. Apply an Affidavit to Mary (Single’s Certificate)  and notarized copy of passport at the applicant’s embassy in Bangkok
2. Translate the above documents into Thai and legalize at the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand
3. Submit document at the District Office and get an appointment.
4. On the day of marriage registration, two Thai witnesses and one interpreter is required
 Required documents
1. Original and photocopy Thai ID and passport of couple
2. House Registration (Tabian Baan)  of the Thai wife or husband
3. Prenuptial Agreement (optional)
4. Certificate of name change, if any.
5. Divorce registration, if any

Pre-Nuptial Agreement
A Prenuptial Agreement must be registered at the District Office on the date of marriage registration.

 Required documents
1. Passport copy/Thai ID, address of each party
2. List of assets to be included in the Prenup Agreement
3. Terms and conditions to be included

Last Will & Testament
Required documents
1. Passport copy or Thai ID and address of the testator
2. Passport copy or Thai ID and address of the beneficiary(ies)
3. Passport copy/Thai ID and address of the executor(s)
4. List of assets with supporting documents
5. Name of two witnesses with passport copy or Thai ID

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