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Other legal Services: Clients

Civil  and Criminal  Law

Ascend Advisors provides legal representation in Thailand for both Civil and Criminal cases.


We can provide a full range of support relating to commercial dispute resolution, including arbitration, in the fields of banking and finance, construction, employment, intellectual property, real estate, shipping and maritime, insolvency, business restructuring, and tax matters.


Our advice focuses on resolving disputes as well as avoiding unpleasant, costly and time consuming litigation where possible. When litigation is unavoidable, our attorneys will vigorously pursue all necessary legal measures to protect and enforce the rights of our clients.


Consistent with our spirit of working closely with clients, we establish procedures to keep our clients informed of the progress of the case, so that informed and timely decisions may be m

Labour Law

In the even that the employee faced an unfair termination, we are able to assist you lodge a labor case. The employee is entitled to severance payment based on the years he worked in the company.

-120 days to 1 year, severance payment is equivalent to 30 days wages
-1 year to less that 3 years, severance payment is equivalent to 90 days wages
- 3 years to less than 6 years, severance payment is equivalent to 180 days wages
- 6 years to less than 10 years, severance payment is equivalent to 240 days wages
-10 years o more, severance payment is equivalent to 1300 days wages
The absence of one-month prior notice of employment termination, the employer must pay an equivalent of one month’s salary.
On the other hand, an Employer can terminate an employee and is not oblige to pay severance payment if the employee’s action such as, but not limited to, negligence, committing a crime against the employer and violating company’s policies and regulation.

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