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Licenses: FAQ

Import & Export License
A company whose business objective is Import & Export needs to apply a permit from the Customs Department. It is a day process provided all documentary requirements are complete
1. Customs Department’s application form

2. Company registration documents
3. Company Seal
4. Passport or Thai ID of the director (Original and photocopy)
3. A copy of corporate bankbook or bank statement in the case of current account


Tourism License
Every tour operator needs to apply for Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) before commencing business operation. The number of Thai director must be greater that foreign directors (i.e. two Thai: 1 foreigner) and Thai director must sign the application form. Thai shareholder must own that majority of shares.

There are three types of license with the corresponding financial guarantee.

1. Outbound: 200,000 THB security deposit to TAT Office
2. Inbound:  100,000 THB security deposit to TAT Office
3. Domestic: 50,000 THB security deposit to TAT Office

Company Documents:

1. Full set Company registration documents issued within one month and duly certified from Department of Business Development.
2. Company Seal
3. Colored photographs of the office showing the interior and exterior with company name plate and address.
4. A clearly drawn office location map with landmarks and name of roads/street
Director’s Documents
1. Signed copies of Thai ID card, his address and phone number
Landlord Documents:
1. Letter of Consent
2. Lease Agreement with documentary stamp from Revenue Office
3. A copy of land title deed or sale purchase agreement issued by the Land Office
1. TAT Application form
2. Power of Attorney signed by the Director and the authorized representative with a signed copy of Thai ID Card.
3. Security deposit in the form of cash or cashier check. This is refundable in the vent that the company cancels the TAT license.
4. Travel Insurance for the guest.

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